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U.S. National Global Advertising Opportunites


Rotating Banner Ads – $600

These are the ads that rotate every 15 seconds to the right of the viewing screen. There is a maximum of 60 sold, so the ad is assured to be seen on the screen a minimum of 4x per hour. It is a random rotation of the 60 ads, but all 60 get played every 60 minutes. These are the same group of ads for all three arena. These ads link to your website, video, email or Facebook. Super way to link to your National Contender Magazine ad Flipbook.

Space is limited.
Design services are included.

Jumbotron Spots – $800

We have a total of 30 individual 2 minute spots available – totaling an hour of time. These videos get shown on the Jumbotron, into the stabling area and on the live streaming during session breaks. The cost of these are $800 per 2 minute spot, however you can break it up to two – one minute spots if you prefer.

Space is limited.
CLICK HERE  for video specifications.

Email blasts – $300

Our Arabian Lovers email list is currently over 24,000 email addresses.
This is a true Arabian horse lover’s list generated from a serious show horse audience. Names are collected from those who log in and watch the live stream of Arabian Shows on Your blast can link to a youtube video, website, social media page or email address. Once distributed, your artwork is yours. Feel free to use it on your site or send it on your own list. Add our ALL BREED circulation to the above list reaching over 50,000 horse lovers for an additional $200.

Discount applied to camera ready artwork. (Artwork size: 650 pixels wide x 1000 pixels tall maximum)

Email blast/Rotating Banner ad Combo – $700

RESULTS Magazine published Daily at the Show

Color pages in the RESULTS are available starting at $650 per page and are sold on a first come, first served basis. All full page ads in the RESULTS include 200 tear sheets (overs) that are available at the beginning of the show for use in your booth or stalls and the RESULTS booth in commercial exhibits.

Each edition of RESULTS is also distributed in flipbook form on and for additional exposure for your ad. All web sites or email address in your ad become links in flipbook format.

Discounts are available for multiple pages and digital print ready files furnished.

CLICK HERE  for additional information or to reserve your space on the day of your choice.


Run a full page color ad in Arabian RESULTS and rerun it as an email blast for only an additional $200.
Your printed piece will be seen by everyone at the show, then distributed all over the world on our Arabian Lovers email list.