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2012 U.S. Nationals Trainer’s Forum

At this year’s U.S. National Championships the Arabian Horse Times played host to several positive forums covering many topics important to owners, breeders and trainers alike. Arabian Horse Times, Arabian Horse Global and Classic Video are proud to offer these hot topics for you to enjoy and to get your feedback as well. We invite you to view each forum and complete the survey afterwards.  Here is the third in a series of three forums.

October 27th Trainer’s Forum at the 2012 U.S. Nationals

Forum Synopsis:
Five major Arabian trainers share ideas for promoting the Arabian horse and creating events and programs that will help to revitalize the Arabian breed. Information about recent and past successful events are discussed and debated.

The Forum is in 3 segments:


  1. Having just watched the trainers forum, I would like to let you and the trainers know one other opportunity I developed here in NH in 2004. I began the New Hampshire High School Equestrian Teams, open to all public high school students. It is formed as a 501 (c)(3) educational program affiated with the NH education system- I started with 2 schools, 9 riders and today it realizes 3 regions, 14+ schools, and 178+ riders. I formatted it after traveling to Oregon and monitoring their OHSET of which has 1300 riders! Yes, it can be done and yes Arabians have a presence here- it is all discipline and driving and in-hand, yes disibilities too… Just a thought-

  2. I’m not an expert by any means but I have been a drug tester and a show groom,a rider and an owner of a few very special Arabian horses that will be permanently imprinted on my heart. It is said over and over the way to market these horses is to show people how wonderful they are. How that relates to the individual barn can be many ways. Just don’t forget the old people in the relationship to horses. Youngsters is a natural outlet because they have their lives in front of them but oldsters can participate fully in a lot of the horse related activities and in some cases with more enthusiasm and commitment that a younger person.

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